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Group CFO (PNO)

Leading the transition to sustainable freight

Jacob Lee Ørnstrand, CEO of PNO, on which personality traits etc. they are looking for

Together with the combined management team, you will lead one of the most relevant and visionary brands within sustainable freight.

We as a company have a clear innovation strategy and dare to bet big on the sustainable transition across an industry that bears modernization and innovation. We believe that digital solutions and cross-industry collaboration is the only right strategic positioning for a modern company undergoing international growth and expansion.

It is important to us that you have a clear commercial profile and that you will manage to fully utilize our business model and positioning in the market. The strategic model we are developing and refining these years truly is special to us. We expect that you will also bring such unique characteristics and capabilities, as an individual and as a professional, into our unity and bond.

Your role and contribution

We have a clear perspective as an innovative, family-owned company that dare to work long-term in our vision and execution, for the future of all of us and for the future of PNO’s commercial opportunities. In more than one sense we have clear, modern, and visionary values, where we expect each other to show commercial drive.

It is important to us that C-level manage to always challenge, develop, and strengthen the strategic environment with a will to show real, strategic implementation. We stand close to each other with an honest dialogue, and you will be part of real execution behind these dialogues. This only works by having the right people across our business and that agenda we are fully committed to.

Business is good, and your role will not be to clean up or transform the fundamental elements in accounting, cash-flow, or such. You will contribute strategically through a further scalable and visionary business model, and execution on this.

Your area of responsibility includes:

  • An active and strategically contributing member of PNO’s leadership

  • Close collaboration with the other members of management and the business as such

  • Financial planning for the Group, including consolidating input of business relevance

  • Foresee commercial opportunities and further develop our international positioning

  • Business reviews with periodic status on the business as a whole

  • A central and leading role on financing, treasury, and corporate finance

  • Ongoing international professionalization of the Group as we grow and expand

  • Create a team that supports the business with relevance and insights

  • Ensure that we always have the right understanding of financial performance and of what creates value.

You are offered a very independent role with an interesting company growing even stronger, bigger and better. Where you will have autonomy in your daily work and priorities, with the expectations of accountability that follows, and the opportunity to have direct influence on company strategy and execution.

Criteria of success in this role

It is of great importance that you live and breathe responsibility, responsiveness and that you entail trust around you as a person and the team that you lead.

Your tasks are clearly positioned around being the modern CFO. From that starting point you take strong strategic responsibility for our business as part of management. You manage to take that responsibility upon yourself and make that domain yours to keep – with a human and empathetic respect for your peers, your employees, and the value that we all bring.

As such, you are an active member of management, you lift the strategic environment, and you manage to develop the business through proactive ownership of the further development of PNO, the culture, our values, and our purpose.

What we are looking for in you

Very specifically, we are looking for someone who will create a finance function that delivers business insights as the commercial, business-oriented CFO, we expect that you are.

You will refer to our visionary, holistic and global minded CEO, whose focus is business development and innovation.

You will be that curious strategist and business partner that catch the most important strategic concepts that we can implement and bring to life. At the same time, you will ensure that our finance function always is scalable and well-structured with well-functioning finance systems and processes.

You are most likely recognized as:

  • A clear Commercial strategist with the ability to bring ideas to life

  • Independent and persistent with a positive and informal personal style

  • Broadly skilled in all the general finance function responsibilities – at group level

  • You always deliver a professional and decent work of proper quality

  • Digital native that sees and create solutions that integrate and work long-term

  • Able to handle complex issues and manage to see and challenge things from different angles

  • Master English as the main business language

  • Trust and confidentiality are natural elements of who you are

Interested in joining?

Contact Rosted & Partners for further insights into this opportunity and PNO as a business at or +45 5222 1962.

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